The very first Intrepid Traveler report

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the very first Intrepid Traveler report

Sat, 18 May 2002 The very first Intrepid Traveler story. (subtitled, “you should have stopped me before this got outa control”)
Hello everyone,
I am still alive in the Far East, at least I think so. I have been gone so long that I’m sure the kids, wife and animals will have forgotten me. At least the VISA card people will remember me. They get messages from me every day. It is expensive in Singapore, but not so bad in Indonesia. I spent 395,000 Rupes in Indonesia for a first class hotel. The exchange rate made it come to about $40 U.S. 
The food has been good with one exception. I was served deep fried chicken feet, which were not very good. I was told the fried duck feet would have been better…I’ll take their word for it. I’ve not seen a single dog, cat or even any road kill. Makes me wonder about the food sources in the restaurants.
The poverty, dirty air and 14 million people that live in Jakarta make me think that Mexico isn’t such a bad place after all. If ANY “poor” American ever complains about their own living conditions, we should send them, with one-way airfare, to Indonesia. They would learn that they live like kings compared to many people in the world.
Well, time to go. I must look for some roadkill, er, dinner. Bill
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